Advisory report on research data

The Academy has investigated how researchers in various disciplines manage their research data and what improvements can be made. The study was prompted by the heated discussion on this subject.

In response to this discussion, the Academy installed the Committee on Scientific Research Data. The Committee’s tasks were:

  • to survey existing data collection and dissemination practices in various research areas, including the standards adhered to by those directly involved;
  • to advise on how researchers in all disciplines can be encouraged to exercise responsible data management;
  • to draw attention to the 'institutional aspects' of research data management. How do researchers and their employers monitor compliance with standards of scientific integrity? How can young researchers be made aware of such standards?

Effective period

The Committee presented its report on 21 September 2012 during the conference 'Zorgvuldig en integer omgaan met onderzoeksgegevens' (information in Dutch).