Agenda 2020: Perspective on the earth sciences

Dutch earth scientists must retain their leading role both in research and in promoting innovation and social regeneration. This means that the national knowledge infrastructure for the earth sciences must be improved.

The earth sciences study natural resources, such as water, food, fuel and other raw materials. On the one hand, natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions pose a serious threat to society. On the other, human beings disrupt the earth’s natural systems. We expect the earth sciences to help us understand the "earth system" and propose lasting solutions to present and future problems and questions.

Dutch earth scientists have an outstanding reputation around the world. Thanks to their exchanges with public authorities, businesses and public-private partnerships, their knowledge and understanding also lead to many new products and services. Agenda 2020 investigates how earth scientists in the Netherlands can retain and improve their position.

Activities and planning

Completed early 2011