Culture and identity. The changing place of the Netherlands in the world

Culture and identity are major topics of debate in Dutch national politics and in government policy. Culture and identity have been put under pressure, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world, by two interlocking processes: globalisation and technologisation. Researchers and experts in the humanities can make a major contribution to resolving issues of culture and identity.

The issue of culture and identity has provided the humanities with a research agenda. Research groups and institutes active in the humanities and civil-society organisations have contributed to this national initiative. Given the problems society is facing, the Culture and Identity research agenda must be implemented without delay.

One key component of this agenda is to develop a Humanities Expertise Centre that will make current knowledge available to government, business and the public.

Activities and plans

A conference focusing on the theme of Culture and Identity will take place at the Trippenhuis Building in early 2011. Researchers will present recent research on this subject and discuss new studies with representatives of civil-society organisations and business.


Completed in the autumn of 2010; the report will appear in late 2010.