Current advisory projects

Foresight study on Big Data

The aim of the foresight study is to identify potentially far-reaching implications of 'Big Data' for scientific research. The perspective adopted is that Dutch science can acquire a leading position internationally in the field of research using 'Big Data'.

Foresight study on ‘Languages in the Netherlands – Languages for the Netherlands’

The purpose of this foresight study is to provide a coherent overview of the position of language and culture in Dutch society, both within and beyond scholarship and within and beyond education. The main question is: what do Dutch businesses, government, civil-society organisations and knowledge-driven institutions need to know about languages and cultures?

The Netherlands' appeal as a research hub

Talented young scientists and top senior researchers are vital to achieving the Netherlands’ scientific ambitions. With science becoming increasingly international, countries are now competing for researchers. The Academy has established a committee that will explore how appealing the Netherlands is and advise on the best course of action.

Replication studies

The Academy intends to issue an advisory report on replication studies. The reason for the report is growing concern about the reproducibility of scientific research and the call for replication studies – research in which independent researchers repeat an original study. An Academy committee will consider the extent to which replication studies are desirable and what can be done to ensure that such studies are used correctly.