Advisory work

Academy advocates ethical review boards for informatics research

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The Academy regularly issues advisory reports on a wide variety of subjects. In some cases, it is asked to do so by the authorities or universities; in other cases, it does so on its own initiative.

What subjects does the Academy advise on?

The subjects are extremely varied, but in general the advisory reports fall into two categories:

  • advice on science policy, for example research training programmes;
  • advice on a range of issues in which science has something important to say, whether its message is intended for government or civil-society organisations – for example climate policy.

The Academy’s advice can take different forms:

  • advisory reports, which offer specific recommendations based on solid evidence;
  • advisory memorandums, which offer a quick response to a topical issue;
  • foresight studies, which explore a new facet of research and make recommendations based on the outcomes.

The Academy has five advisory councils that are responsible for its advisory work. The council members are experienced experts who represent the scientific community. They suggest subjects for the Academy’s advisory reports and foresight studies and supervise the advisory process, specifically by keeping a close eye on the quality of the content.