Heineken Young Scientists Awards

The Heineken Young Scientists Awards are intended to give talented young scientists and scholars extra encouragement. They are presented simultaneously with the Heineken Prizes to talented young researchers whose outstanding work sets an example for other young scientists and scholars.

The winners of the Heineken Young Scientists Awards also help popularise the disciplines in which the Heineken Prizes are awarded, making them ideal ambassadors. They are active in the same domaine of science and scholarship as the laureates of the Heineken Prizes.

The Heineken Young Scientists Awards consist of a work of art designed by Jeroen Henneman (Amsterdam) and EUR 10,000. The prizes are funded by the same foundations as the Heineken Prizes.


Biochemistry and biophysics; cognitive science; medicine; history; environmental sciences

Who is it for?

Researchers who have received their PhD from a Dutch research institute no more than five years before the award ceremony of the Heineken Young Scientists Awards (29 September 2016) or will have received it within three months of the award ceremony.

Nomination and award

Nominations are not being accepted at this time.