In addition to the funding programmes focusing on China and Indonesia, the Academy also administers various other funding schemes for members and external parties.

Academy Colloquia

Academy Colloquia are small, exclusive, Academy-sponsored expert meetings. The aim is to bring together a select international group of no more than fifty top researchers to discuss a subject in which key innovations are expected.

Academy Ecology Fund

The Academy Ecology Fund supports ecological fieldwork in the Netherlands and abroad and ecological research abroad by young ecologists working in the Netherlands.

Academy Fund for Behavioural Research

The purpose of the Academy Fund for Behavioural Research is to promote outstanding behavioural research.

Academy Medical Sciences Fund

The purpose of the Academy Medical Sciences Fund is to promote outstanding research in the medical sciences. The Fund supports two grant programmes for young researchers and one grant programme for medical students.

Arend Heyting Foundation

The aim of the Arend Heyting Foundation is to build on the knowledge of mathematical logic, and in particular intuitionism.

China Exchange Programme

The China Exchange Programme supports cooperation between Chinese and Dutch researchers by subsidising joint research projects, a summer school and exchanges of junior researchers.

Conference Grants Fund

The Conference Grants Fund assists the organisers of international scientific/scholarly conferences in the Netherlands.

Dobberke Foundation for Comparative Psychology

The Dr. J.L. Dobberke Foundation for Comparative Psychology supports research on behavioural biology, in particular animal behaviour studies.

Evert Willem Beth Foundation

The Foundation’s aim is to continue and extend the work of the Dutch logician Evert Willem Beth. It encourages philosophical research and the teaching of philosophy by organising symposiums and lectures and providing funding.

Fulbright Scholarship Program

The Fulbright Scholarship Program gives Dutch students, PhD students and researchers an opportunity to study, carry out research or teach in the United States.

Gonda Fund

The J. Gonda Fund Foundation supports the scholarly study of Sanskrit, other Indian languages and literature, and Indian cultural history.

Scientific Programme Indonesia - Netherlands (SPIN)

The Scientific Programme Indonesia - Netherlands (SPIN) supports long-term collaboration between researchers and research consortiums in Indonesia and the Netherlands. It does this by funding bilateral research programmes and supporting activities that benefit both parties.

Thorbecke Fund

The Thorbecke Fund was established to support research into the life, work, and intellectual legacy of Johan Rudolph Thorbecke (1798-1872), statesman and founding father of Dutch parliamentary democracy.

Van 't Hoff Fund

The Van ’t Hoff Fund promotes research in chemistry.

Visiting Professors Programme (VPP)

The Visiting Professors Programme enables outstanding foreign researchers to spend time working in the Netherlands. The programme acts as an incentive for Dutch science and scholarship.