Huygens Institute for Netherlands History (Huygens ING)

The Huygens Institute for Netherlands History (Huygens ING) carries out research into the history of literature and the history of science. The Institute provides access to primary source material, often in the form of text editions, to use as a basis for further analytical and interpretive research.

The Huygens Institute is also involved in developing digital techniques used to decipher and analyse texts. The ongoing advancement of information technology plays an important role.

What international experts have to say about the Huygens Institute

In 2007, a committee of international experts gave the Institute a positive rating. The committee said that its progress in the development of IT is 'very promising'.


Visiting address

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 185
1012 DK Amsterdam

Postal address

Postbus 10855
1001 EW Amsterdam
Phone: 020 224 6800

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