The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS)

The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS) has two important aims: to foster advanced research in the humanities and social sciences, and to encourage interdisciplinary scholarly cooperation in an international setting. This is a unique combination of tasks.

NIAS awards residential fellowships to some fifty leading Dutch and foreign scholars every year. In addition to scholars engaged in individual research projects, NIAS also runs a number of multidisciplinary programmes focusing on specific research themes and involving both Dutch and foreign scholars. NIAS offers its Fellows an environment that encourages cross-fertilisation between disciplines and intellectual creativity. It is precisely such cross-fertilisation that leads to the best results. NIAS also makes conference and workshop facilities available.

What international experts have to say about NIAS

NIAS is unique in the Netherlands and of enormous value to outstanding scholars who wish to devote themselves entirely to their research. That was what the evaluation committee had to say after visiting NIAS in early 2008. NIAS has a very good reputation, according to the committee, and can hold its own with similar top institutes in Europe and the United States. The committee also made a number of recommendations. These have been incorporated into the NIAS Policy Document 2011-14, which can be found on the upper right-hand part of this page. The next evaluation is expected to take place in 2018.


Visiting address

Korte Spinhuissteeg 3
1012 CG Amsterdam

Postal address

Postbus 10855
1001 EW Amsterdam
Phone: 020 224 6700

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