Jacques Neefjes

Titels Prof. dr.
Initials J.J.C.
Main position Groepsleider NKI
Disciplines Histology, cell biology
Chair Celbiologie van antigen presentation en processing
Domain Medical, Biomedical and Health Sciences
Membership Member
Since 2015
Member of Medical, Biomedical and Health Sciences
Employed by Nederlands Kanker Instituut
Afdeling Cell Biology II
Plesmanlaan 121
1066 CX Amsterdam
tel.  020 512 2017
Personal website

Sjaak Neefjes (1959) is a leading international researcher in cellular immunology. He studies how cells regulate the immune system and communicate that they are infected. Neefjes has thought of new techniques to make reactions in cells visible and to manipulate them so that he can track processes in healthy and diseased cells. Neefjes’ approach is highly original and multidisciplinary, and many of his findings have already found their way into clinical applications.