PhD students and postdocs

The Academy employs between 100 and 200 PhD students at any given time as well as a fluctuating number of people in postdoc positions. The Academy’s research institutes serve as incubators and magnets for top Dutch and foreign researchers. Career and talent development play an important role in that regard.

Taking control of your PhD 

As a PhD student or postdoc, you are constantly working to improve yourself as you conduct your research. You are becoming a specialist in your discipline. We can help you develop the skills you need to advance your research and career. Options include courses on 

  • Scientific writing
  • Science communication
  • Grant writing
  • ‘How to deal with your supervisor’ 

You can also make an appointment with a career counsellor from the Centre for Career & Development. Together, we will seek out the most appropriate training course or other activity for you. 

Did you know?

Postdocs and PhD students at the Academy can network and share information and tips in the LinkedIn group ‘PhD students and postdocs KNAW’. 

PhD & Postdoc Representatives Board

The PhD & Postdoc Representatives Board meets twice a year and has PhD students and postdoc researchers from almost every institute as members. The Representatives Board liaises with the Centre for Career & Development. Together, we explore what concerns this group of young researchers and which of their needs the Centre for Career & Development can meet. The Representatives Board also helps to organise the Academy PhD & Postdoc event and to set up activities for PhDs and postdocs at their own institutes.