Career development activities

The Academy considers talent development, training, and the right support for general skills development important. That’s why it has set up the Center for Career & Development. The Center for Career & Development is there to answer all your questions about career development and training.

In-company training courses/workshops

Every Academy employee can access our list of courses and workshops, but bear in mind that some are meant for specific target groups or job categories. Because many Academy employees are PhD students and postdocs, some of our activities are tailored specifically for this target group.

Learning online (GoodHabitz)

Besides in-company courses and workshops, you can also take online modules on your own through the GoodHabitz platform. This option gives you the opportunity to work on your career development online and in your own time. Enrolment is free of charge and gives you access to more than 115 different modules. The modules are practical in nature and offer you a good way of acquainting yourself with a particular subject.

Soon, employees of the KNAW will be able to use GoodHabitz by logging in using their default employee data. You no longer need to request a password from Center for Career & Development.

Requesting an individual course or workshop

Besides in-company training, employees can also enrol in specified professional programmes or courses that will help them advance their career. Employees may pick out a suitable activity at an external training provider and ask to be enrolled. It is then up to the Academy (i.e. the employee’s supervisor) to decide whether to approve that request. To help employees find the right course or programme, Center for Career & Development has put together a list of suggestions (pdf) from which to choose.

Group training

If you and a few other employees would like to enrol in a course or workshop that does not appear on the in-company training list, then you can submit a separate request to the Center for Career & Development. Explain on the application form why the group course or workshop has added value for the sustainable career development of the individual group members. One of our staff at the Center for Career & Development will contact you to discuss the options.


If you’d rather not enrol in a course or workshop immediately but instead work with a sparring partner to help kick off your personal or career development, you may want to consider a coaching programme. Coaching is an individual learning process focused on achieving specific aims. For example, sometimes your work requires you to gain new competencies because you’ve been assigned new tasks or notice that your behaviour is not producing the looked-for results.

Are you 45 or older? If so, you can have free career coaching, and you can choose the coach yourself. Read more about this in the Development Advice for Over-45s brochure (pdf) (in Dutch).

Submitting a request

Before you enrol in an activity, discuss your specific learning aim or aims with your supervisor. By talking things over, you can decide which intervention is most appropriate for you and ask your supervisor to approve your choice. You can then submit your application.

Note! With the exception of GoodHabitz’s free online modules, you must always ask to enrol in an activity by submitting the application form. Even if you’re enrolling in a coaching programme or in an individual training course given by an external provider, the Center for Career & Development must arrange your registration and the financial aspects. This means that you should submit your application well in advance. You should never enrol in a course or workshop yourself, whether the provider is internal or external.