PhD students and postdocs

The Academy employs between 100 and 200 PhD students at any given time as well as a fluctuating number of people in postdoc positions. The Academy’s research institutes serve as incubators and magnets for top Dutch and foreign researchers. Career and talent development play an important role in that regard.

Our strategic agenda for 2016-2020, Science and Scholarship connect, says the following:

‘…talented researchers…should regard an affiliation with an Academy institute as a boost to their careers. The Academy aims to help its researchers acquire competencies relevant to careers in research, in business, or in the public or semi-public sector. At the heart of this policy is personalised talent development, i.e. helping each individual utilise and develop their specific talents.’ (p. 26)

The Academy offers postdocs and PhD students the following courses, among others:

  • Introduction to grant writing
  • Marketing yourself & your research
  • How to cope with supervisors
  • She’s got personality! (women only)

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Postdocs and PhD students can network and share information and tips in the LinkedIn group 'PhD students and postdocs KNAW'.