Talking about your career

Before you enrol in a career development activity, you may want advice or simply to talk to someone who can help you make choices that match your development goals and understand what you need to do to improve your job prospects. You can also use career advice as a basis for an individual career guidance programme, for example to help you prepare a Personal Development Plan (PDP).

You can approach the following people at the Academy for this.

Personnel adviser

The personnel adviser at the Academy Bureau or your institute can help you identify your development needs and what you can do to meet them. He or she can also give you more information about the activities organised by the Center for Career & Development.

Career & Development

The staff of the Center for Career & Development are there to answer questions about career development or tell you more about our career development activities. They know all about sustainable career development and can help you get started.  


During their annual consultation, the employee and the supervisor look at what the employee has achieved and make agreements about the employee’s performance going forward in his or her current position. The annual consultation also gives them an opportunity to discuss the employee’s long-term career development. Questions that can be considered include: what new methods, tools or responsibilities does the employee need to deliver quality, to feel challenged, to acquire new knowledge, to learn new skills, and to shape his or her own career?

External adviser or coach

If you’d rather talk to someone outside the organisation, then you can apply to enroll in a coaching programme with an external training or coaching provider. An external adviser or coach can help you identify your long-term career or development needs. Because this may be a lengthy process and entail certain costs that the Academy covers, be sure to discuss your request with your supervisor first. You must then submit your application to the Center for Career & Development.

Are you 45 or older? If so, you can have free career coaching, and you can choose the coach yourself. Read more about this in the Development Advice for Over-45s brochure (pdf)(in Dutch).

Get started on your own

If you’d prefer to work on your career development on your own (at first), then we suggest checking out some of the online tests meant to analyse your personality, values, strengths and weaknesses. You can also enroll in modules provided by the online platform GoodHabitz and learn in your own time.