Effective Online Collaboration & Meetings

Online collaboration and meetings mean less travelling, saving you time and making it easy to get people together. Convenient, but it does require a changeover. The starting points for effective collaboration and an efficient meeting remain the same online, but how can you structure this in practice? Which tools do you use and with which forms of interaction do you activate and inspire participants? 

In this training course, you will learn how to make the online world work to your advantage. You will contribute your own experiences and come up with better working alternatives. From now on, you will get more results from your online meetings and collaboration thanks to structure, involvement and focus.

Unique advantages

  • You will discover the new tools and techniques
  • You will increase work enjoyment and inspiration in your team
  • The trainer will focus on your personal challenges


  • You will use tips and tricks in online work that suit your practice
  • You will improve your verbal and non-verbal remote communication skills
  • You will examine your collaboration and meetings with a constructive critical eye
  • You will review ingrained ways of working with a fresh eye
  • You will use online tools (such as online mind mapping) that suit the purpose of your collaboration or meeting
  • You will have gained experience in efficient online meetings and consultations via online tools such as Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams
  • You will facilitate inspiring and effective online sessions

Target group

For everyone who is increasingly involved in online collaboration and using online tools and wants to make optimal use of the possibilities.


Session 1: Online collaboration

  • A fresh look at the purpose of your collaboration
  • Use of verbal and non-verbal communication and emotional intelligence online
  • Your own experience under the microscope
  • Which online tools can support you or your organisation?

Session 2: Online meetings and sessions

  • Reviewing the intervening period
  • A fresh look at the purpose of your online meetings and sessions
  • Facilitating an online meeting or session supported by online tools
  • Creating online involvement and interaction
  • Our goal is to prepare you as well as possible for the step you are going to take in practice, which is why we are opting for the following thorough approach.
  • Intake | Prior to the training session, you will complete a written intake form in which you answer a number of questions focusing on your personal situation. These questions will help you to clearly define your goal.
  • Online meetings | In the joint online moments, your trainer will alternate theory with interactive and social ways of working. There will be plenty of room for the input of your own practical situations and examples. You will see and hear your fellow participants and trainer and react to each other.
  • Break-out sessions | During the online meetings, we will use break-out sessions. In subgroups, you will disperse with fellow participants to work on issues and assignments. The trainer will join in each group to answer questions. By sharing audio and video you will have personal and efficient contact.
  • Personal attention | The trainer will devote personal attention and focus on the issues raised by you and your fellow participants. In addition, you will exchange experiences with each other so that you learn from and with each other. Together you'll come up with practical tips tailored to your situation.
  • Energy level | The trainer (together with you) will keep a close eye on your energy level during online teaching days. You will be able to escape your laptop sufficiently to take breaks, let the knowledge you have gained sink in and reflect.

If you are interested in this training, send an email to and ask for information.


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