Focused and Productive Working from Home

It can be quite challenging to remain focused when working from home when so much is happening all around you and there are so many distractions and interruptions. Do you find yourself reacting by attending mainly to short, superficial tasks? Do you long to be more productive and to achieve more depth in your work? In this training course, you will learn what it takes to work more efficiently by applying focus management and behavioural change techniques.

Interactive meetings alternate with assignments that you complete in the course of your work. By the end of the course, you will be more productive and able to use your knowledge and experience in a noticeably more meaningful way.

Unique advantages

  • The small groups ensure that your personal change process will receive plenty of attention
  • Challenging and thought-provoking assignments that you complete in the course of your work
  • More than tips & tricks: you will achieve lasting behavioural change


  • You will recognise what prevents you from concentrating and take the necessary steps
  • You will have made a habit of reflecting on your behaviour and patterns
  • You will unlearn old habits that prevent you from focusing
  • You will have experienced what working with focus can do for you
  • You will have more self-discipline and make use of efficient concentration techniques

Target group

This course is for anyone who wants to accomplish more by working with greater focus, for example because you want to boost your efficiency when working from home or learn to deal more effectively with distractions.


Session 1: Introduction & recognising when you lose focus
Introduction: Applying the theory of focus to your working practices
Perspective: What will working with focus do for you and what will it be like once you’ve finished the course?
Recognition: What pitfalls and obstacles do you face?
Commitment: How will you succeed in your resolution to become more focused?

Business Challenges and reflection between meetings
Reflection: Identifying habits and challenges

Session 2: Action plan
Feedback: What information have you gained from the past few days?
Looking ahead: What specific steps will you take next?
Buddy system: Who will be your motivator?

Business Challenges and reflection between meetings
Practical application: Getting started on the first step towards working with more focus
Reflection: When do you succeed in your intentions and when do you fail? And why?

Session 3: Going deeper and coaching
Guided peer supervision
Diving deeper into relevant themes

Business Challenges and reflection between meetings
Practical application: Using new insights to apply what you have learned more broadly
Reflection: Chart how you work and what works for you with greater precision

Session 4: Celebrating and looking ahead
Celebrate: Identifying your success factors
Look ahead: How will you stick to your plan in the future?

Business Challenges and reflection after course ends
Practical application: Intensifying or extending your new way of working
Reflection: How will you stick to your new way of working in the future?

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