Negotiating – Everyday Negotiations

The word ‘negotiation’ conjures up images of salesmen and stock market traders, but in fact we spend our entire day negotiating, consciously or unconsciously. We negotiate with our bosses about our salary, with our colleagues about how to divide up the work, in our private lives about which appliances to purchase, and so on. A negotiation is a process in which you try to reach the most favourable outcome.

If you can guide that process towards mutual commitment, an ideal relationship will emerge. In the training course Everyday Negotiations, we look at how to negotiate everyday matters effectively and seal the deal successfully.

The course Everyday Negotiations is for anyone who wants to get more out of negotiating day-to-day matters and reach a favourable outcome while building good relationships.

After completing this course, you will be able to recognise and use various negotiation tactics and styles. You will be a better negotiator. You will also be able to identify opportunities and pitfalls early on in the negotiating process. You will understand the psychology of negotiation. Ultimately, you will be able to bargain successfully and get the most out of a negotiation while maintaining a good relationship with the other party.

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