Professional Advice

The ability to influence others and to have one’s recommendations accepted are crucial for every professional. Another critical competence is to know how to deal effectively with resistance and objections. In the training course Professional Advice, you will learn how to influence others when offering advice or during decision-making processes without having to wield power.

This is a highly engaging course designed for today’s professional. The course Professional Advice is designed for professionals who are regularly called upon to advise internal and external clients.

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to set up a strategic advisory meeting. You will have learned how to get your recommendations accepted and how to build support for them. You will also be able to listen with empathy and to consider the various dimensions that come into play during an advisory meeting. You will know how to make the best use of your own and your client’s talents. You will be capable of taking a leading role in complex advisory processes. You will be able to consolidate your relationships in the context of an ongoing project. Finally, you will know how to position yourself firmly using both verbal and non-verbal cues.

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