Writing a scientific article

Do you have little or no trouble reading specialist literature in English, but do you find writing your own English-language articles to be a tall order? After taking our Writing a Scientific Article workshop, you will be able to write an article yourself with no difficulty at all.


Writing a Scientific Article in English

We always tailor our workshops to your organization’s specific needs based on interviews, intakes and example texts. For example:

  • How can you improve the readability of your article?
  • How do you write well-structured, coherent paragraphs?
  • How do you formulate sentences with impact?
  • Using proper style
  • When should you use active or passive verb forms?
  • How do you use various verb tenses in an article?
  • Useful word combinations to enhance your academic vocabulary
  • Avoiding common errors
  • Referring to other sources correctly (e.g. when and how to cite or paraphrase, issues of academic integrity)

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