Academy policy

The Academy is required by law to adopt a strategic plan every four years. It has described its policy for the 2021-2025 period in the document Knowledge-based! Strategic Agenda for 2021-2025.

Policy targets for 2021-2025

The Strategic Agenda for 2021-2025 identifies the following aims:

  • To promote outstanding research: the Academy is a venue where top researchers from the entire spectrum of research can exchange knowledge and share it publicly. The Academy’s institutes are leaders that constantly respond to international developments;
  • To support young researchers so as to make science future-proof;
  • To nourish and enrich debate within society, with alternative forms of advice, contributions to public debate, and activities for a broad target group;
  • To promote international cooperation and to strengthen the position of the Netherlands in international scientific endeavour, among other things through more 'science diplomacy'.

Annual address

Every year, the President of the Academy gives an annual address, outlining her thoughts on the state of science and scholarship in general and of the Academy in particular.