Bilderdijk Room

In the seventeenth century, this room was the antechamber to the bedroom in the house occupied by Louys Trip, and was connected to his dressing room.

The ceiling panels were mostly painted by Nicolaes de Helt Stockade (1614–1669), but who painted the chimney originally purchased by Louys Trip is unknown. The scene depicted refers to the legend of the Roman hero Mucius Scaevola.

The legacy of Bilderdijk

The architect Abraham van der Hart arranged this space as a meeting room for the Academy in 1817. In 1855 it was converted into a reading room and committee room. It became known as the Bilderdijk Room that same year when the collection of manuscripts, books, and drawings of Willem Bilderdijk (1756–1831) was housed there. Since 1938 it has again been in use as a meeting room.