Johan Huizinga Room

In the seventeenth century this room was the Great Hall (‘Grote Sael’) in the house occupied by Louys Trip, and was where the family received guests.

When the Trippenhuis was being converted to accommodate the Royal Institute of Sciences and the Royal Museum (the Rijksmuseum) in 1815–1817, the architect Abraham van der Hart had the dividing wall between the two houses removed, thus creating a large museum gallery.

A quiet place to meet

In 1855 the dividing wall was replaced so as to allow the members of the Academy to meet in peace and quiet. The raised gallery was intended for onlookers attending the general assemblies.

From 1856 on, the members of the Academy used this room for the Academy’s departmental meetings. Since 1982, the Tinbergen Room, the new meeting room in the garden, has been used for that purpose.

Oude vergaderzaal

Oude vergaderzaal