Academy Job Shadow Days report

Harry Begthel at NIOD

Harry Begthel, research analyst for the Clevers histology group at the Hubrecht Institute, shadowed Elske Rotteveel, project manager and research assistant at NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and learned more about her work for the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure project.

Harry Begthel visits Elske Rotteveel

‘Elske and I started out by having lunch in a small café nearby, where we got to know a bit about each other and our jobs. NIOD is a very different ballgame than the Hubrecht Institute. But I also discovered that we’re both very passionate about our own field of study. We had something in common then: our eyes sparkle when we talk about our work!

Elske told me about her work for the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure, a large-scale digital partnership between universities, research institutes and libraries all over the world. Merging data from all these different countries gives us a much more complete picture of the Holocaust.

She also took me to a lecture that NIOD had organised for history students on the topic of Transitional Justice and Genocides. It was interesting to hear more about genocide studies and tribunals because I can remember a lot of the historical material that the lecturer discussed from the 1970s and 1980s.

I’ve visited NIOD before because I’m a member of the works council. But it’s such a special building, with its chandeliers, grand stairways and different decorative styles, that I didn’t mind going on another guided tour. I would have liked to nose around in the library for a while, but we had to get on. Maybe I’ll come back to do some browsing once I’m retired…’

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