First Academy Grant Week

The first Academy Grant Week Getting to know the jungle of funding took place from 30 October to 1 November 2018. All the Academy institutes were represented at this event, which people found extremely valuable.

Some researchers took part in just one part of the programme, but some immersed themselves in grant workshops for the full three days. The programme ranged from intensive one-day grant application writing workshops to a relaxing workshop on “mental resilience” at which the focus was on learning how to cope with the pressure and stress involved in writing applications.

The participants found it very valuable to meet with the various researchers from the Academy institutes at a multi-day event. This allowed them to learn from the different institute cultures as regards writing applications and to share experience about how holds one’s own as a researcher within this environment.

Here are some examples of feedback from participants:

'I’ve had the ability to learn from the experience of people who have already made successful and unsuccessful grant applications.'

'What I learned, especially on the first day, is that the tone of certain parts of your application is particularly important, and how you can use the evaluation criteria to make your own plan better.'

'I’ve learned some valuable practical tips and tricks such as to start early with writing the application, seek for advice (colleagues, experts and non-experts, industry) and study your review panel.'

Those who attended the first Grant Week would like to see it repeated in 2019, in the same multi-day format.