KNAW Grant Week 2020

Are you fully equipped to survive in the research funding jungle? Do you know how to stand out from the crowd? Would you like to learn about tips and tricks to write successful grant applications?

The answers to these questions will be addressed in several lectures and workshops during the KNAW Grant Week from 3 to 6 November!

Main themes

The Grant week will consist of 4 afternoons with the following themes: 

  • The jungle of funding: learn about individual grant opportunities and alternative funding
  • Stand out from the crowd: how to highlight your qualities as a researcher and write unique grant proposals
  • Tools for proposal writing: the importance of the non-scientific parts of your proposal

What will you learn?

During the Grant Week, you will learn all about applying for individual grants such as ERC and Marie Curie but also learn more about alternative grant opportunities in the jungle of funding. Further perks of this event are a special  training programme for Veni applicants.

Besides the scientific parts of a good grant proposal, you learn how non-scientific parts in your proposal can be important differentiators for writing a strong proposal, such as project management and data management.

Above all, the various workshops and lectures will help you make your research proposal ‘stand out from the crowd’. Experts from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), NWO, the Academy and grant consultancy firms will share their knowledge with you.


The Grant week is meant for KNAW researchers working at one if the institutes only. Please  register with your KNAW email address.

Registration is open.

Overview of workshops and lectures