Friday 6 November 2020 – Stand out from the crowd: The importance of the non-scientific parts in your proposal

Lecture: Inspiration for science communication: How to make complicated science understandable for everyone

Bridging the gap between science and society and reducing complex scientific ideas down to understandable examples can be challenging. During this lecture, science communication specialist Julia Cramers (communication science researcher at Leiden University) will give you inspiring examples of how to make science understandable and encourage you to explore the world of science with an open mind.

Julia Cramer, Leiden University

Workshop: Scientific storytelling

Grant proposal writing is challenging. Your readers are not specialists in your topic, you have to show why your research is interesting, and you have limited space. All this requires specific writing skills. In this workshop, you will learn how to: (1) Engage your readers by composing a good storyline; (2) Write better abstracts; (3) Write memorable introductions; (4) Avoid common pitfalls; (5) Stand out from the crowd. To prepare for this workshop, we will ask you to complete a short questionnaire and to send in your draft abstract.

Marieke Hohnen, Hakuna Matata Science & Media

Workshop: How to make an impact!

How can you make the right impression when applying for research   funding? For example, during an interview, when applying to join a consortium to co-write a funding proposal, or when pitching your research to investors? You only have one chance to make an impact!

This personal branding workshop focuses on the important effect of ‘appearance’, a factor that should not be underestimated. You will become aware of how others perceive you and get tips and tools about ‘dressing & addressing’. You will leave this workshop knowing how to appear credible and professional in any situation.

Sascha Bertus, Room to Grow

Workshop: Grant writing (part 2)

Wondering how to turn a research idea into a convincing proposal?    This  introductory workshop for early-career researchers may be exactly what you need. You will learn how to strike the right balance between the peer and non-peer readers of your proposal. You will learn how to structure your text, present your proposal from an improved ‘sales’ perspective, and write clear and concise, reader-friendly, persuasive texts. You will also learn which  criteria are important for a grant proposal and what referees are looking for.

This interactive workshop consists of an afternoon session (Thursday 5 november) followed by a morning session (Friday 6 November).

Louise Mennen, Mennen Training, Coaching & Consulting