Wednesday 4 November 2020 – Knowledge Utilisation and Project management

Lecture: Knowledge utilisation at NWO – What you need to know about the new developments

This lecture addresses the new NWO policy on knowledge utilisation and how different funding instruments will require different approaches to societal impact.

Knowledge utilisation is one of NWO’s  five strategic ambitions and is regarded as an iterative, reciprocal and dynamic process focusing on societal impact. Together with researchers and other stakeholders, NWO is committed to ensuring that knowledge utilisation contributes to societal impact by putting it on the agenda and by inspiring and facilitating it in ways that suit all types of research. Promoting societal impact requires a knowledge utilisation policy that is not devoid of scientific ambition or separate from the primary process but rather that is integral to NWO’s overall policy. In its new knowledge utilisation policy, NWO differentiates between impact approaches in its funding instruments, with knowledge utilisation being deployed proportionally and the likelihood of societal impact varying.

Roald van de Poel, NWO

Workshop: Project management: What you really need to know as a researcher

Whether you have just embarked on your career development path as a scientist or are already an experienced researcher, at some point you will face the prospect of managing a research project with multiple partners, possibly in multiple countries and with different funding streams. It might be overwhelming or make you feel as if you need to be a full-time administrator.

The question is: what do researchers really need to know about project management that will help them head a project without turning into an administrator? This workshop highlights key project management skills and approaches in pre-award and post-award that will help you remain in control. The knowledge that you gain will be applicable not only to EU research grants but to any future project, whether you work as a coordinator or a constructive partner.

Roy Pennings, 3D Impact

Workshop: The knowledge utilisation paragraph in your proposal

The aim of this workshop is to learn how to write the knowledge utilisation and valorisation paragraph of your proposal. To prepare for the workshop, I will ask you to write a summary of your proposal. During the workshop itself, we will practise pitching the impact of your proposal and learn how to structure the text. You will also visualise your knowledge utilisation paragraph and present it to the other participants. You will leave the workshop with a set of practical tools for writing your knowledge utilisation paragraph. I can also offer you feedback on your first draft within 3 weeks of the workshop.

Ellis Vyth, Ellis Vyth Training

Workshop: Preparing a successful VENI proposal (part 2)

In this workshop, we will explore the elements of preparing a successful VENI   proposal, with an emphasis on the pre-proposal phase. You will learn how to position your project idea, present  yourself in the proposal and connect your CV   to the project idea.

This workshop is meant for:

  1. candidates who are planning to submit a pre-proposal (deadline January 2021)
  2. candidates for whom the pre-proposal phase does not yet apply and will submit a fully developed proposal (deadline spring 2021).

Participants are expected to be well aware of the VENI evaluation process and criteria and to be familiar with the NWO proposal format.

This workshop consists of two afternoon sessions.

Erik Prins, Yellow Research