Talking about your career

You probably talk to different people at work about your career.
Besides the annual job performance review with your supervisor, there are other conversations you can have to help you make career decisions. 

Discussions about your career path

During your annual job performance review at the Academy, you and your supervisor will henceforth not only agree on outcomes and learning in your present position but also make firm agreements about what you need to develop your career in the long term. You will be considering such questions as: what new methods, tools or responsibilities do I need to deliver quality, to motivate me, to learn and to plot my own career? Supervisors and employees will be trained in the relevant interview techniques.

Other people who can help you with your career plans

You can also ask someone other than your supervisor to discuss your career with you, for example another supervisor, a personnel officer, the career development adviser, or the Career Centre KNAW coordinator. After consulting your supervisor, you can also ask Career Centre KNAW to enrol you in a training or coaching programme geared towards your long-term career plans.

The context for investing in employee career development is provided by the Collective Agreement for Dutch Universities and a number of Academy-specific schemes.