Career opportunities

Broadly speaking, jobs at the Academy can be divided into:

  • scientific personnel such as PhD candidates, (senior) researchers or heads of research groups
  • scientific support staff such as analysts, research assistants, data specialists, collection managers or animal carers 
  • support and management staff such as P&O staff, facility staff, management assistants, ICT administrators or legal experts


The Academy considers it important that all managers are well-equipped to perform their managerial tasks. Managers are therefore supported with various training courses such as a personal leadership course, training on diversity and inclusion, conducting annual interviews, giving and receiving feedback and managing employability.

So there are plenty of opportunities at the Academy! An overview of all current vacancies can be found here.

If you are interested in a vacancy at one of the institutes or the Academy Bureau, feel free to contact us.

Working in the Netherlands

If you want to know what working in the Netherlands involves, check out the following websites: