Call for input on long-list research agenda

Consultation KNAW Planetary health research agenda

Deadline 10 February 2022

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) has established an advisory committee on Planetary health (chaired by Prof. Johan Mackenbach, Erasmus MC) with the remit to draw up a research agenda for this field (for more information, see Academy website). The committee is approaching experts in the network of the Planetary health Alliance to kindly ask for input into this research agenda.

Based on a survey of previously published research agendas, the committee has created a provisional long-list of unanswered research questions, which the committee would like to submit to experts in the field, both scientists and policy-makers. In a second step, which will be organized at a later stage, the final version of the long-list will be used to select a smaller number of more immediately answerable research questions which could effectively be dealt with by the Netherlands’ research community.

Share your knowledge

Through the network of the Planetary health Alliance the committee hopes to reach out to experts in the field of Planetary health. The KNAW committee would be delighted if you would be willing to review (part of) the long-list, and give your suggestions for improvement, e.g. by adding research questions that are currently missing.

On this page you can view the long-list, a document explaining how the long-list was created, and a Word-document with a few questions for feedback.

As you will see, the committee made an inventory of knowledge gaps identified in previously published research agendas, and harmonized these by embedding them in a common conceptual structure. So far around 30 research themes with 120 specific knowledge gaps have been identified, each illustrated with one or two quotes from source publications.

The KNAW-committee invites experts to review (part of) the long-list, and to answer the questions by typing your response in the Word-document. As you may not have in-depth knowledge of all the research themes, feel free to limit your comments and suggestions to parts of the long-list only.

Please return the completed questionnaire to the committee before Thursday 10 February 2022.


We will treat your responses confidentially. Results will be anonymized before publication. All survey participants will receive a copy of the final report, which is due to be published in the third quarter of 2022.