The Netherlands' appeal as a research hub

Talented young scientists and top senior researchers are vital to achieving the Netherlands’ scientific ambitions. With science becoming increasingly international, countries are now competing for researchers. The Academy has established a committee that will explore how appealing the Netherlands is and advise on the best course of action.

The committee will advise both on how the Netherlands can maintain or improve its appeal and on how it can attract foreign researchers.


The committee’s first task is to benchmark the Netherlands against a number of reference countries. This will involve such questions as:

  • Is the Netherlands having trouble retaining and attracting researchers?
  • How appealing is the Netherlands to talented young scientists and top senior researchers?
  • Which countries are considered more appealing, and why? What incentives do these countries offer?
  • Can the Netherlands keep up with the rapid growth of international science?

Building on the findings of this first phase, the committee will advise on how the Netherlands can remain or become more appealing to talented young scientists and top senior researchers. It will do so by considering the following questions:

  • What action needs to be taken in light of the trends identified in the first phase of the study, and who should take the initiative in that regard?
  • Would it be advantageous for one or more science organisations to play a coordinating role?
  • How does the foregoing align with the Dutch Government’s science policy document Vision for Science 2025, the Dutch National Research Agenda and the Government’s top economic sectors policy?

This second phase will lead to specific action and recommendations.


The report is published on 29 January 2018.