Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award Regulations

Article 1 General

1. The Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award (hereafter: “the Award”) was established in 2016 by the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award Foundation to recognise a researcher (or team of researchers) whose past or present contribution to translational cancer research and compassionate cancer patient care is regarded as outstanding.

2. The Award is presented every other year.

3. The Award consists of a sum of money of € 100,000 (in words: one hundred thousand euros) and a bronze sculpture in the shape of Bob Pinedo's hand, symbolising both strength and hope of recovery.

4. The laureate will use the Award money to finance (or co-finance) a research project at his or her discretion, on the condition that the research is being conducted in the laureate's area of specialisation.

Article 2 Conditions for nomination

The following are eligible for nomination for the Awards:

1. researchers who have made a pioneering contribution in the field of translational scientific research into cancer as well as care for cancer patients.

2. researchers who are employed at a university or research institute in the Netherlands or abroad

3. researchers (or a team of researchers) who are expected to excel in the years ahead in the field referred to above.

Article 3 Nomination

1. The following are eligible to nominate candidates for the Award:

  • Research institutes and researchers in the Netherlands or abroad.

2. Nominations must be submitted in English by e-mail using the nomination form provided by the Academy and the requested attachments. A nomination is considered to have been submitted when the nominator receives confirmation of receipt from the Academy.

3. The nomination form with the requested attachments must be sent before the deadline imposed by the Academy to Nominations that have not been submitted by this date will not be considered.

4. Members of the Academy board, members of the board of the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award Foundation, and members of the Award jury may not submit (or co-submit) nominations and cannot be nominated as candidates.

Article 4 Tasks, composition and working methods of the jury

1. The Academy board will appoint a jury that is tasked with assessing nominations for the Award and submitting a nomination to the Academy board and the board of the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award Foundation for the allocation of the Award.

2. The jury will consist of at least three members who are experts in the field in which the Award is being presented, including the chair. The members will be appointed by the Academy board for three assessment rounds. The chair of the jury will be appointed and will be an Academy member.

3. All decisions of the jury will be taken by a majority of votes cast.

4. Jury members must adhere to the Academy Code of Conduct Governing Conflicts of Interest for Awards, Memberships and Funding.

5. The Academy will appoint an official secretary to assist the jury.

Article 5 Assessment criteria

1. Assessment of the candidates nominated for the Award will take place by the jury on the basis of the following criteria:

a. The quality of the candidate’s scientific work, with quality being measured according to the following criteria:

  • the candidate’s contribution to progress in his or her research domain, with specific attention being paid to his or her contribution to pioneering research or pioneering publications in the field of cancer care;
  • importance of the candidate’s participation as a keynote speaker at international scientific conferences;
  • importance of the candidate’s membership of juries, review committees, editorial boards of science journals, science academies or other organisations;
  • scientific recognition, including science prizes and funding awarded to the candidate.

b. The extent to which the candidate's research work represents a significant promise for the period ahead.

2. The jury will prepare a report of the assessment, including the grounds for the choice of the candidate. The assessment report will be submitted to the Academy board and the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award Foundation as the jury's nomination.

Article 6: Allocation and presentation

1. The board of the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award Foundation will allocate the Award on the recommendation of the Academy board.

2. The Award will be presented by the chair of the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award Foundation or by a substitute appointed by the Foundation.

3. The Award will be presented during a meeting convened for this purpose by the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award Foundation. During the symposium that will follow, the laureate will give a presentation on the research for which he or she has received the Award and the research project that the laureate intends to support with the Award money.

Article 7 Final provisions

1. These regulations were adopted by the Academy board and by the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award Foundation on 25 January 2016. These regulations came into force on 1 March 2016 and were reviewed on 1 January 2022.

2. These regulations may be amended pursuant to a joint resolution adopted by the board of the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award Foundation and the Academy board.

3. The board of the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Award Foundation and the Academy board will adopt joint resolutions concerning any matters that arise and are not provided for in these regulations.