Buys Ballot Medal

The Buys Ballot Medal was established to promote advancements in meteorology and is awarded once every ten years.

The Academy established the Buys Ballot Medal in 1888 to honour the scientific achievements of meteorologist C.H.D. Buys Ballot (1817-1890), who was a member of the Academy from 1855 to 1890. The Medal was awarded for the first time in 1893.

The Buys Ballot Medal is made possible in part by the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute.



Who is it for?

Individual researchers who have inspired others by their outstanding contribution to the field of meteorology.

Nomination and award

Nominations are not being accepted at this time.

The last Award Ceremony took place in June 2014 (see: 'Laureates' on this web page). The next Award Ceremony will take place in 2024.