Beijerinck Premium

The Beijerinck Premium is intended to encourage virology research. It is awarded to a young post-doc researcher who is conducting outstanding virus-related research at a Dutch scientific organisation.

The Beijerinck Premium is awarded every year. The prize consists of a monetary award (EUR 25,000) that may be spent on research at the recipient’s discretion. In this case, research is considered to include courses, conferences, and working visits abroad.

The M.W. Beijerinck Virology Fund has awarded the Beijerinck Premium since 2002. The Fund was established by Dr and Mrs L.E. den Dooren de Jong-Ris in memory of the virologist Martinus Willem Beijerinck.



Who is it for?

Eligible candidates for the Beijerinck Premium are young researchers working at a Dutch university or research institute who received their PhDs not longer than eight years ago.

Nomination and award

Applications are not being accepted at this moment.