KNAW Beijerinck Virology Prize

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences awards the Beijerinck Virology Prize every two years to an internationally renowned researcher.

The M.W. Beijerinck Virology Fund was founded in 1965 by Dr and Mrs L.E. den Dooren de Jong in memory of Martinus Willem Beijerinck (1851-1931), one of the founders of virology.

The biennial prize was established in 1965 and consists of a medal engraved with the image of M.W. Beijerinck and a monetary award of EUR 35,000.



Who is it for?

The Beijerinck Virology Prize is awarded to a researcher who has distinguished himself or herself internationally in the field of virology, including its biochemical and biophysical aspects.

Nomination and award ceremony

Candidates must be nominated for the Beijerinck Virology Prize. The deadline for submitting nominations for the Beijerinck Virology Prize 2017 is 1 November 2016. The award ceremony will take place in March 2017.