Van Walree Grants

The Academy Medical Sciences Fund makes Academy Van Walree Grants available for medical students at the Dutch university who will be giving a presentation at a foreign conference.

The Academy Van Walree Grant is named after Mrs E.M. van Walree. She bequeathed her estate to the Van Walree Fund, which was established in 1987 and is part of the Academy Medical Sciences Fund.

What does the Fund cover?

Promising medical students, who have not yet taken their finals in medicine, can apply for a grant of EUR 1,000 maximum to attend a foreign conference. At this conference they have to present the results of the research they conducted during their research internship. 



Who is it for?

Promising medical students enrolled at one of the Dutch universities

How to apply

Medical students can apply with the application form at the right hand side of this web page. An abstract of the presentation is required as attachment with the application form. You can already apply before the abstract has been accepted by the conference organisation provided that you have sent your abstract for acceptance to the conference organisation.

The deadlines are 1 February, 1 June and 1 October.

Only applications for conference visits that take place at least one month after the closing date are eligible.

Applications will compete with one another and be assessed on their scientific quality.