Pilot fund

Science communication by scientists: Rewarded!

The pilot fund ‘Science communication by scientists: Rewarded!’ supports scientists who are committed to science communication. The Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science has made one million euros available for this purpose. This fund is administered by the Academy.

The pilot fund is in line with the new way of recognising and appreciating scientists, which has recently been introduced within the Dutch knowledge field. Science communication is seen as an integral part of an academic career. The pilot fund is one of the initiatives of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science to encourage science communication.

What can you apply for ?

A financial allocation of € 10,000 for one group of scientists of at least three persons per faculty dedicated to science communication. Large faculties can nominate up to two groups. 

The allocation may be spent by the groups concerned on supporting and/or developing their science communication activities.


All disciplines

Who it is for?

 A financial allocation from the pilot fund ‘Science communication by scientists: Rewarded!’ is available to groups of at least three persons who:

  • contribute and are demonstrably committed to science communication (at least one year prior to submission of the application);
  • carry out the science communication activities independently or in cooperation with non-commercial partners.

A group can be part of a section, research unit, etc., or consist of collaborating scientists from different disciplines. The group may include scientists at any stage of their career.

How to apply

It is not possible to apply for this fund. The Rewarded! pilot fund was a one-off financial incentive made possible by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.