Academy Merian Prize


Corinne Hofman


Dorret Boomsma


Naomi Ellemers

The Academy Merian Prize was established in 2008 to draw attention to female researchers in the Netherlands and to encourage more women to pursue careers in science and scholarship in the Netherlands. The prize was made possible by SNS REAAL Fonds, which discontinued its contribution as of 2014 owing to the repositioning of its portfolio.

The Academy Merian Prize was awarded to outstanding female researchers working for Dutch research organisations who had inspired others to embark on careers in science or scholarship. The prize was conferred on a female researcher working alternately in the social sciences/humanities (2009, 2014) or in science (2011). It was intended for female researchers who expected to be active in science or scholarship for at least another ten years.

The Academy Merian Prize consisted of a cash award of EUR 50,000, to be used to support research, and a specially designed ornament. The laureate was obliged to spend a portion of the prize money on one or more activities intended to motivate women to conduct scientific or scholarly research.

The prize was named after Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717), a German naturalist and illustrator who spent much of her life living and working in the Netherlands.