Naomi Ellemers

Naomi Ellemers, professor of Social Psychology of Organisations at Leiden University, has been awarded the first KNAW Merian Prize for women in science. She has received the prize for her outstanding research and her active role in promoting equal opportunities for women in science.

The jury received a total of 68 nominations for the first KNAW Merian Prize and was deeply impressed by the quality of the nominees. 'Naomi Ellemers is a very dedicated scientist,' wrote the jury in its rapport. 'Her outstanding achievements as a scientist and her high-profile role in scientific associations and committees means that she is an important role model for young scientists in general and for female researchers in particular. Ellemers actively promotes equal opportunities for women in science.'

About the laureate

Naomi_ellemers.jpgNaomi Ellemers (born 1963) graduated cum laude from Groningen University, where she also obtained her doctorate, once again cum laude. She continued her career in science at VU University Amsterdam. In 1999, she was appointed professor at Leiden University, where she now studies the effects of status differences between groups, diversity in organisations, and commitment and effort in teams. She is particularly interested in the importance of social identity for motivation (in particular work motivation), performance and innovation in work teams. Other significant research themes are the importance of social identity for minority groups and discrimination in the labour market. In 2008, Ellemers received the European Kurt Lewin Award for her work. She is regarded as a highly productive and influential researcher in her field.