Jochem de Bresser

On 9 October 2017, Jochem de Bresser received the Christiaan Huygens Science Award for his PhD research in 2013. ‘His doctoral thesis, which focused on expectations and goals associated with pensions, is extremely valuable both for scholarship and society,’ according to jury chairperson Jan Kiviet.

About the laureate

Jochem de Bresser (born in Utrecht on 26 February 1986) received his PhD on 19 December 2013 from Tilburg University’s Center for Economic Research, for his thesis Between Goals and Expectations: Essays on Pensions and Retirement. His PhD supervisors were Arthur van Soest and Frederic Vermeulen. De Bresser is an assistant professor in the Econometry & Operations Research department at Tilburg University, the same university from which he graduated cum laude in economics in 2010. Prior to his MA, he earned a BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences (graduating summa cum laude) at Utrecht University’s Roosevelt Academy.