Ludwik Leibler

Physicists Ludwik Leibler will receive the Descartes-Huygens Prize 2015. He has been awarded the prize for their outstanding research and their contribution to Franco-Dutch relations.

About the laureate

Ludwik Leibler (born 1951 in Poland) is a French physicist who has done trailblazing work on self-healing materials. Leibler has developed a revolutionary method that uses a nanoparticular solution to connect human tissue. His innovative and transdisciplinary research has strong ties to biology. He is a recipient of the EPJE Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Lecture Prize (2014), the CNRS Medal of Innovation (2013) and the Grand Prix Fondation Internationale de la Maison de la Chimie (2012). In November 2014 he was inducted into France’s Académie des Sciences.

The Descartes-Huygens Prize will enable Ludwik Leibler to take part in Radboud University’s Nanomedicine Alliance research programme, where he intends to study the interactions between cells and soft materials, for example hydrogels.