Peter de Kok

The Dow Energy Award 2005 has been awarded to Peter de Kok, Chief Engineer of DAF Trucks.

Peter de Kok received the award for his more than 25 years of involvement in developing new environmentally-friendly engines and particularly the new generation of DAF MX engines. This new generation of engines for heavy trucks already complies with the prospective Euro4 and Euro5 emission level demands. Compared to the engines of 15 years ago, these engines produce 75% less nitrogen oxides and 94% less soot particles. To meet these new emission standards, DAF introduced a new fuel injection system in combination with an after-treatment system of the exhaust gases. Part of the American firm Paccar since 1996, DAF Trucks believes this technology to set the standard for truck engines for the coming years. Out of seven nominees, DAF Trucks was selected on account of the inventivity, scientific content and public potential of its innovations.