Martin Vinck

Dr. M. Vinck (30) is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Kavli Institute for Neuroscience, part of Yale University’s School of Medicine (New Haven, USA). He is receiving the 2014 Young Scientists Award for Cognitive Science for his research into the role of electrical oscillation in cognitive processes.

220x267_martin_vinckMartin Vinck obtained his PhD at the University of Amsterdam in 2013, for his work on the relationship between electrical oscillations in brain cells and cognitive processes such as perception, memory and decision-making. He developed new mathematical methodologies that are now being applied by other researchers.

At Yale, Vinck is currently using oscillation techniques to study how cells in the primary visual cortex influence one another.

In 2013, Vinck was awarded a Rubicon Fellowship from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. He has also received Elsevier’s Scopus Young Researcher Award in the Life Sciences category.