Hayley Mickleburgh

Forensic archaeologist Hayley Mickleburgh at Leiden University has won the first Dutch National Postdoc Prize 2017. Mickleburgh studies how corpses decompose and skeletons fall apart.

About the laureate

Dr Hayley Louise Mickleburgh (born in Poole, UK, in 1984) holds an MA (hons.) in Archaeology (2007) from Leiden University. She received her PhD in Archaeology at Leiden in 2013 for her study of foodways, health and disease in the pre-Columbian Caribbean. Her research involved studying the teeth of centuries-old human skeletons from Guadeloupe. Since 2013, she has been developing better methods to document how human remains decompose. She works as an expert for the Netherlands Police Academy and as a guest researcher at Texas State University (USA).