Scientific Programme Indonesia - Netherlands

OSM 2017: Towards Resilent Society.

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Indonesia and the Netherlands have long cooperated in scientific research. Evidence of their shared history can be found in unique archives, extensive collections, and massive amounts of data available in both countries. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences works with Indonesia in an important scientific research programme: the Scientific Programme Indonesia – Netherlands.


The Scientific Programme Indonesia  – Netherlands capitalises on existing networks between the two countries. It allows Indonesia and the Netherlands to take advantage of the scientific, human, natural and other resources available in both countries and to maintain and set up new research networks. The programme adheres to the principles of reciprocity and mutual benefit. Its aims are:

  • to promote long-term cooperation between Indonesian and Dutch research groups;
  • to prevent fragmentation in scientific pursuit;
  • to work efficiently, collaboratively and with focus on building critical scientific mass;
  • to help foster scientific curiosity and academic scholarship in Indonesia;
  • to create public awareness and recognition of the importance of basic and strategic science in Indonesian and Dutch society; 
  • to help develop and consolidate multidisciplinary knowledge networks in the Netherlands focusing on Indonesia.

The Scientific Programme Indonesia – Netherlands consists of a number of larger integrated research programmes and supporting activities.

Organisation and Administration

The Academy hosts a Programme Committee and an office. The Programme Committee is responsible for shaping, implementing and monitoring the programme. The office supports the Programme Committee.

Policy framework

The policy framework for the Scientific Programme Indonesia – Netherlands is defined in Memorandums of Understanding concluded between the Netherlands and Indonesia. Cooperation is also fostered by a Joint Working Committee for Scientific Research Cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands.