Joint Working Committee

The Joint Working Committee for Scientific Research Cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands is a policy network that fosters strategic discussion. It coordinates bilateral cooperation in science and technology between the two countries and advises their governments and society in general on matters related to scientific cooperation.


The Joint Working Committee’s primary objective is to encourage and improve cooperation in science and technology between Indonesia and the Netherlands. The Committee’s key task is to identify common priority areas and specific topics that will mobilise the efforts of all the committee members. It aims to concentrate scientific focus and critical mass and foster human and organisational capacity-building.

Open Science Meeting

Under the auspices of the Joint Working Committee, the Academy and its Dutch and Indonesian partners organise biennial Open Science Meetings.

Multilateral cooperation: Sea-EU-net

The Academy and its Joint Working Committee partners explore multilateral alliances by participating in multilateral networks. The Academy and the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology participate in a multilateral EU-funded network programme, SEA-EU-NET (2008-2012). Seventeen EU and ASEAN member states participate in this programme, which aims to improve bi-regional dialogue on scientific cooperation. The programme also seeks to increase Southeast Asian participation in EU Framework Programmes (co-funding).  Because of its success, the SEA-EU-net programme has pursued in the SEA-EU-net II programma (2012-2017).


The Joint Working Committee consists of universities, ministries, and organisations that focus on basic, strategic and applied research. The members in the Netherlands are:

The members in Indonesia are: