Charlotte Mutsaers

Initials C.
Member of Society of Arts


Charlotte Mutsaers (born in 1942) is doubly talented and produces outstanding work in both the visual arts and literature. Her work is entirely singular, philosophical and inventive and focuses on people and animals alike. In the visual arts, she creates paintings, drawings, collages and graphic artwork. In the literary/visual field, she draws comic strips and emblemata.

In literature, she has written novels (De Markiezin, Rachels Rokje and Koetsier Herfst), three collections of essays (Kersenbloed, Paardejam and Zeepijn) and a collection of poetry (Dooier op drift). Mutsaers surpasses all others when it comes to exploring the boundaries of both visual art and literature.

She has received the Constantijn Huygensprijs and the P.C. Hooftprijs for her complete oeuvre, and the Jacobus van Looyprijs for her literary and visual work.