Paul Verhoeven

Initials P.
Member of Society of Arts


Paul Verhoeven (born in 1938) is without a doubt the most famous Dutch film director. He is known in the Netherlands for his television series Floris, and for his films Turks Fruit (still the most successful Dutch film ever), Soldaat van Oranje, De vierde man and, more recently, Zwartboek. In the USA, he was responsible for such hits as Robocop (1987), Total Recall and Basic Instinct. Verhoeven’s fascination with Jesus Christ should not go unmentioned: his book Jezus van Nazareth – een realistisch portret was published in 2008.

Verhoeven is undoubtedly one of the most lauded film directors of the Netherlands. He has received several Gouden Kalf awards and an array of foreign prizes, and has been nominated for an Oscar, a Gouden Leeuw and a BAFTA.