Henny Vrienten

Initials H.
Member of Society of Arts


Henny Vrienten (born in 1948) became famous as the front man of Doe Maar, probably the most successful Dutch rock group ever. After Doe Maar disbanded in 1984, Vrienten recorded a number of solo albums and devoted himself to writing music for film and television, including Jan Rap en z’n maat, The Discovery of Heaven and Kruimeltje. He also wrote the soundtracks for the musicals Ciske de Rat and, more recently, Petticoat. In 1999, Vrienten took over from Harry Bannink as the house composer for children’s television programmes 'Het Klokhuis' and the Dutch version of 'Sesame Street'.

Vrienten is active on other fronts, however: he published a collection of poetry in 2006 and his High Mass premiered at the Cathedral in Utrecht in 2008.

He has been awarded the Zilveren Harp and Gouden Harp awards, two Gouden Kalf awards, two Edisons and the Musical Award.