Adriaan Geuze

Titels Prof. ir.
Initials A.
Disciplines Nature and landscape
Member of Society of Arts
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Adriaan Geuze (born in 1960) is renowned worldwide for his work in urban planning and landscape architecture. He and his firm West8, which he founded shortly after graduating with a degree in landscape architecture in 1987, take a unique approach to spatial planning that unites architecture, public space and engineering. Geuze and West8 have produced striking designs for parks in New York, Miami, Hong Kong, Seoul, Madrid and London. In the Netherlands, he is renowned for Schouwburgplein Square and the main railway station in Rotterdam, Máxima Park in Utrecht, the Borneo-Sporenburg housing development in Amsterdam, and the Strijp S urban redevelopment project in Eindhoven. Geuze’s approach to landscape architecture has reinvigorated urban planning and once again made the two disciplines the focus of public debate. He and his firm have been selected for many projects and have received many awards. Adriaan Geuze is a professor of landscape architecture at Wageningen University and a Visiting Professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.